Part 1

Ohiro Oni-Eseleh is joined in this important conversation on heritage, culture and commitment to community by members of Owan Association USA. Headquartered in the United States of America, Owan Association USA is focused on building lives and communities in the part of Nigeria where the Association's members are originally from.

Part 2

In this second of a three part conversation with Ohiro Oni-Eseleh, Dr. Augustine Esezobor, Dr. Edward Asikhia, Ms. Mabel Atane, Ms. Ashetu Iwuede, Mr. Mustafa Arasah, Mr. Michael Imuzeze and Mr. Ozolua Oenhen discuss the importance and mission of Owan Association USA.
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  1. To promote the social, cultural, economic, educational, civic, and general well being of Owan Association USA members and Owan indigenes in Edo State of Nigeria.


  1. To seek better ways in achieving progress for Owan people through better health and welfare, safety, and security, and assist in enhancing the physiological needs, so Owan people can feel good being citizens of Owan.
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To unite Owan people so we can work collaboratively to enhance the lives of Owan people in the United States of America and in Edo State of Nigeria.


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