Ikhin -Ivbiomion Clan

The founder of Ikhin was Ekpega 1475AD. He escaped from Benin because the Oba of Benin was involved in slavery. He escaped with Ekonkaran and Iguan and they first stopped at Ifon. As the leader of the group, when they arrived at Ifon and where asked to identify themselves, Ekpega told them his name is Edo Mikhin [meaning I am from Edo].


Warrake is an Afemai town located in Owan East Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria. It is a peaceful serene town not far from Auchi.  Geographically, Warrake is situated at latitude 7 and longitude 6.16667.  The town is positioned along Auchi Afuze road and some close neighbors include Auchi, Ivbiaro, and Ihievbe.


Ihievbe (SEBE) is a town in Edo State, Nigeria, Africa with a population of approximately 50,000 people. It is part of the Owan in Edo State northern senatorial district. Geographically, it is between Auchi and Afuze. The name Ihievbe is common misspelled in Maps and some other literature as SEBE or ISEBE due to the inability of the White Man to pronounce the name IHIEVBE correctly.


Otuo is one of the major towns in Owan East Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria. Located on Latitude: 7.00691 and Longitude: 6.00522 with Postcode (ZIP): 313107, Otuo is surrounded by a mountainous terrain with a climate comparable with that of a rainforest zone which promotes the growth and development of a very rich biodiversity. The natives are mainly involved in agriculture, weaving, pottery and blacksmithing.


Afuze belong to the Emai Clan. The clan is believed to have been founded by a Benin Prince named Imah who migrated from Benin after the sudden death of his father who was the eldest son to Oba Ewuare (who was still alive) and heir apparent to the throne. The people of Afuze are traditionally farmers and hunters. They are renowned for the production of cocoa, tobacco and cashew.

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