Warrake is an Afemai town located in Owan East Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria. It is a peaceful serene town not far from Auchi.  Geographically, Warrake is situated at latitude 7 and longitude 6.16667.  The town is positioned along Auchi Afuze road and some close neighbors include Auchi, Ivbiaro, and Ihievbe.

Warrake people are believed to have migrated from Benin and they are mostly Muslims.  The town is made up of thirteen villages which are:

Aforbakhire, IyemodeI, yakule, Afokoso, Uzofo, Iyerili, OgwedaIpe, Agbara, Afiriawo, Akiegbia, Iyanu,  and Ilaghu  villages

The soil is very fertile and this probably explains why they are mostly farmers.  Warrake is blessed with outstanding individuals that have made their mark in the larger society. Prominent among these is Late Alhaji Inu Umoru, Chairman Setraco Nigeria Limited, a leading indigenous Construction firm in Nigeria; late Salami Orogho of blessed memory, Founder of Salami Orogho group of companies.

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