Arokho Ivbiomion Clan

Arokho was the founder of Arokho. He was a brother to Ekpega, the founder of Ikhin.Arokho was a farmer in Benin. He went farming and was away for extended period of time and when he came back to Benin, he found that his brother Ekpega had left Benin. He went to Ifon and stayed with his brother.

From there they both migrated to Edo north before parting ways to their different settlements. The quarters in Arokho are Ewai, Ibieaye and Evbogua. They have their own Ejere chieftaincy titles and the chief's wife and female relatives are called Olua. They have three main chieftaincy titles namely- Imomuebe,Imadenue and Imonokhua. Their Obaship is not hereditary but rotational. Their festivals are Obo,Ekhai and Leva. They do their initiations to manhood every seven years. Their shrines are Ubaosu, Udegugu, Obi and Odayen. The rivers in this village are rivers Obua, Allai and Ukpemi.

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