IVBIARO, meaning children of ARO. History has it that Aro, migrated from Bini. Ivbiaro has three villages: UBUNEKE, EBESE and USUN."  A historical hypothesis about the history of Ivbi Aro people -their relationship with some Ibo tribes. The migration of this "Aro Children" from Idu (Bini) to their current location in "Ivbi Aro" is also quite consonant with a migration hypothesis of the Ibos.

Ikao Clan

The founder of Ikao came from Ile Ife as a hunter. He first settled near Otuo. He had three sons namely Urhuere,Utho and Ishiegbe. They had three chieftaincy titles namely- Ghuvie,Olotu and Odie.

Uroe Ivbiomion Clan

The founder or Erue was a descendant of Eriere;one of the sons of Irimo- the founder of Iuleha clan. They were formerly at Ekpe hill near Ikhin. They were formerly part of the Iuleha clan of Owan west local government area. When Chief Okun was the Oba of Iuleha, he initiated an inter-tribal war against Uroe people and burnt down their village [settlement].

Ivbiadaobi Clan

The Ivbiadaobi Clan of Edo State Nigeria are mostly Muslims, they originated from the Great Benin kingdom where royalty is revered.  Ivbiadaobi literally means "Adaobi's Offspring". Adaobi as a man left the Benin Kingdom alongside his older brother Uchi whose offspring is the present Auchi an adulteration of "Aya Uchi" literally means "people of Uchi", headquarter of Estako West LGA also in Edo( this story will come subsequently).

Arokho Ivbiomion Clan

Arokho was the founder of Arokho. He was a brother to Ekpega, the founder of Ikhin.Arokho was a farmer in Benin. He went farming and was away for extended period of time and when he came back to Benin, he found that his brother Ekpega had left Benin. He went to Ifon and stayed with his brother.

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